Arabic – English Dictionary


Britannica English Arabic DictionaryBritannica English
Free Arabic-English Dictionary, Translation, and English Learning app by Encyclopaedia Britannica.

This is the new version of the popular and accurate Arabic-English and English-Arabic free dictionary and translation app, with an updated design and many new English language learning features! Learn and practice English through vocabulary games Word of the Day, and flashcards in various topics. Create personal word lists that include recent dictionary look-ups and saved favorite words, for ongoing practice.

Key features include:
• Comprehensive Arabic-English dictionary with over 200,000 English example sentences.
• Full text translation in Arabic and English
• Easy to use – just type a word or phrase in Arabic or English to get its English or Arabic translation – no need to choose a language
•Translate anywhere in the device: Highlight words and translate them in Britannica English
• Human voice audio pronunciations in English
• Autocomplete – When you start typing an English word, the app will complete it automatically.
• Spelling corrections
• Reverse translation – tap any English word within the search results to get its Arabic translation.
• Word of the day – learn new words and phrases every day.
• Includes all English and Arabic forms and inflections
• Vocabulary games and flashcards – expand your vocabulary and track your progress by playing quizzes in various topics such as Banking, Food, Health Care, Cinema and more. “Learn Words” section is now available offline.
• Full Arabic Tashkeel (vowel signs)
• Save favorite words to personal lists for ongoing practice through quizzes and flashcards.
• Save recent dictionary look-up history to your personal word list.
• Share translation of interesting words and your games’ results with friends.
• Registered users also benefit from saving their quiz mistakes automatically
• Constant updating – The dictionary is constantly updated with new terms, buzzwords, slang expressions, and idioms. Words lists and quizzes are also updated regularly.
• Helps you prepare for important tests such as TOEFL, SAT, and GMAT.

This new free version is currently available to Android 4.0 users and up.


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