Essay Samples

Note: This is only for your information (Sample Essays).  The information below taken is from the internet, so it might not match with the Islamic values and principles so kindly make sure the Islamic values and principles are maintained in the essay and not contradicting.

Subject: Simple essay/Speech on’ My Neighbor’
Grade- 1-5
arget Age Group- 6-10 Years
Total sentences: 13
Contributed By:  Shruti Sunil Jose, Class 4, Chennai, India

A neighbour is the one who lives near or next to your house. My neighbour’s name is Preethi. She is very kind to me. My neighbour gives me chocolates whenever I visit her. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking.  She makes good cookies and cakes. My neighbour has a lovely garden with lots of flowers like tulips, roses, lillies etc. She has three kids. I love playing with my neighbours’ kids.  She takes me to places like amusement parks, beaches, zoo etc.  She takes care of me whenever my parents go out. Sometimes she plays with me. She helps me in my studies whenever my mother is busy at home. You should love your neighbour as yourself.



Subject: Short Essay/Speech  on ‘Save Trees’
Mode :Easy
Target Age Group- 6-8 Years
Total sentences: 12
Contributed By:  Shraddha Sunil Jose, Class 2, Chennai, India

Mother Earth has given us many gifts. One of them is trees. Trees are very important to us. Many of our tribes live inside forests which have trees.  Trees provide us timber to make furniture. Wild animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Trees help to prevent soil erosion and floods. They give out Oxygen and make the Earth clean and cool. Many products such as paper, gum, rubber etc are obtained from trees.  Trees reduce pollution and increase rain. Birds make their nests on trees. So friends, SAVE TREES by not cutting them and make them happy.


Subject: Ten sentence Essay/Speech on ‘My House’
Mode: Easy
Grade- 2
Target Age Group: 6-10 Years
Total sentences: 11
Contributed By: Shraddha, class 2, Adayar, Chennai

A house is a place where we live. My house is very big. I live in my house with my parents and sister. My house has bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, prayer room and dining room. The best place in my house is my bedroom. There is big teddy bear in my room. I hug my teddy bear when I sleep. When my friends come, we play together in my room. There is a beautiful garden in front of my house. There are lot of trees around my house. I like my house very much.



Subject: Ten sentence Essay/Speech on ‘My Favourite Teacher’
Mode: Simple
Grade- 2
Target Age Group: 6-8 Years
Total sentences: 12
Contributed By: Shraddha, class 2, Adayar, Chennai

My favorite teacher is Anitha Ma’m. She is my class teacher. She is strict but funny. She cracks lots of jokes when she teaches. She teaches us good songs. She gives us sweets on her birthday and festivals. We all stay quiet when she teaches. She makes sure that we understand the subject very well. At the end of the class Ma’m asks us questions. Most of my friends also like her very much. She is very caring and lovely. We wish her all good things in her life.


Subject: Ten sentence Essay/Speech on ‘MY FATHER’
Mode: Easy
Grade- 4
Target Age Group: 6-10 Years
Total sentences: 13
Contributed By: Shruti, class 4, Adayar, Chennai

The person I like the most in my family is my father. The thing I like in him is his gentleness. He never beats me but only scolds me. My father has a lot of patience. He also understands my feelings and sadness. He encourages me to read lot of books. Every day he spends some time to play with me. We play card games, caroms etc. Before going to bed he asks us about the things happened in our class. During the weekend we go for a week. I long for the weekend because I can talk to him about everything. He is my best friend because he knows all my secrets. I love my father and he loves me a lot.


Subject: Twenty sentence Essay/Speech on ‘ My favourite season’
Mode: Easy
Grade- 5
Target Age Group: 8-13 Years
Total sentences: 26
Contributed By: Shruti, class 5, Adayar, Chennai

I leave in a City which is very hot and humid. So I wait for the rainy season. In South of India we have the rainy season from June to September. It is refreshing to see everything wet after a rainfall. I like to get wet in the rain. My mother doesn’t allow me to get wet as she is scared if I would fall sick. Once the school left early due to heavy rains. I had my raincoat but I didn’t wear it. We all friends walked home in the rain. It was fun. We also splashed water on each other. It was disturbing for people walking beside us. But we didn’t bother. Finally when I reached home I was fully drenched in water. My mother scolded me badly and dried my hair and body with a towel. Next day I fell sick. My mother had warned me from getting wet thereafter. After the rain we can see dew drops on the leaves. When the sun shines it glitters. Our school reopens after summer vacation and normally it will be a rainy day. This year my mother brought me an umbrella which has ears. It is yellow in colour. Sometimes after the rain we can see rainbow in the sky. I believe rainbow is the God’s smile. Some days it rains for days and we cannot play out. We all friends sing together “rain rain go away…”



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